Quelle tête feriez-vous

si vous perdiez l'intégralité

de vos données?

Vos données sont le bien le plus précieux de votre entreprise

Viruses, fires, floods, hardware failure, hacking, ... the opportunities to lose

your data are many! Ensure a professional backup system that is controlled

on a daily basis by our technicians. Our solutions assure you:

A daily remote backup,

controlled by our technicians

every morning

30 versions (days) of

your backups are kept and

not crushed every day

Minimum departure charge.

No material investment

is not expected.


Every morning, our technician checks the correct operation of the nightly backups. If there is a problem, it immediately restarts a new backup. If however the failure should persist, it will immediately contact you to inform you and solve the case.
Avoid internal controls. Your employees are often poorly trained to understand the ins and outs of a complex backup system.


A simple agent is installed on your posts or your server and we repatriate every night all the changes made during the working day.


No server or hardware is needed internally and the hardware does not need special minimum configuration to use our agent.


A one-time fee of 200.- is applied to the installation.


We do not overwrite your backup versions. We keep up to 30 different ones. So you can find a document or the whole of your accounting in its version of there is, for example, 28 days. 


Whether you delete a document by mistake or you have a larger data loss, we will work within 4 hours to restore the document (s). This service is of course included in the annual fee.

Our rates are defined

according to the

amount of data to back up.

You then choose

your billing rate

Our rates are defined

according to the

amount of data to back up.

You then choose

your billing rate

For the "Giga gluttons",

Printing companies, engineers and architects, photographers, ... Benefit from our

special rates!


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